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  • The historic and religious architectural monument was built between 1859 and 1865 in an Oriental style. It was raised in honour of Sultan Abdul Medgud, who ruled between 1839 and 1861. The buiding was carried out by the Ottoman Government. The construction has the traditional design of Muslim religious buildings, decorated on the interior with Oriental ornaments and inscriptions in the Arab language. A museum collection is displayed inside.
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  • Str. Decebal nr. 20
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Historical monuments nearby

Photos Name Address Dating
Hunchiar Mosque CONSTANŢA, 41 Tomis Street 1862
Medgidia Mosque MEDGIDIA, 20 Decebal Street 1857-1865


BLANCA HOTEL 3 STELE, 18 rooms, 36 beds. Address: BD. REPUBLICII, NR 10, municipiu MEDGIDIA. Telephone: 0241-810.543. Fax: 0241-814.992
D' YF HOTEL 2 STELE, 13 rooms, 31 beds. Address: STR RAHOVEI, NR 4, municipiu MEDGIDIA
DOBROGEA HOSTEL 2 STELE, 12 rooms, 24 beds. Address: STR DECEBAL, NR 33, municipiu MEDGIDIA
DOBROGEA CORNELIUS HOTEL 2 STELE, 12 rooms, 24 beds. Address: STR. POPORULUI, NR. 60A, municipiu MEDGIDIA. Telephone: 0241-811.079; 820.122

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