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  • Ethnographic Village Museum - CRISTIAN
  • Sibiu
  • The museum functions in a peasant house from the 18th century, having interesting details of Francon architecture, typical of this area. It presents costumes, furniture, tools, household items, fabrics, illustrating the lives and activities of the Saxons.
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  • Str. IV nr. 27
  • 0265/579.101
  • 0265/579.101
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  • Ioan Seucliez
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  • German
  • Ethnography and Local History

Historical monuments nearby

Photos Name Address Dating
The Evangelical Fortified Church Complex CRISTIAN, X44 Street XIII-XIX Centuries


KASPER PENSIUNE TURISTICĂ 2 STELE, 8 rooms, 24 beds. Address: STR. XI, NR. 26, comună CRISTIAN; Sibiu. Telephone: 0269-579.296
MARIA & CARLA PENSIUNE AGROTURISTICĂ 2 FLORI, 4 rooms, 12 beds. Address: STR. X, NR. 6A, comună CRISTIAN; Sibiu. Telephone: 0269-579 104
PAUCEAN STEFAN PENSIUNE TURISTICĂ 2 STELE, 2 rooms, 4 beds. Address: STR. X, NR. 13; CRISTIAN, comună CRISTIAN; Sibiu. Telephone: 0744-548.696
SPACK PENSIUNE TURISTICĂ 3 FLORI, 7 rooms, 14 beds. Address: STR. II, NR. 9; CRISTIAN, comună CRISTIAN; Sibiu. Telephone: 0269-579.262

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