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  • The library was established on the 31st of July 1798, upon the initiative of the Roman-Catholic Bishop of Transylvania Batthyani Ignac (1741 - 1798). The cultural heritage includes manuscripts and rare prints of high documentary, scientific and bibliophile worth. The library holds traditional mediaeval works, as well as complete editions of the works of Greek and Latin authors or of Italian, German and French humanists, in original or translations. The oldest incunabulum of the collection is Summa de casibus conscientiae by Astesanus de Ast (1466).
    Other valuable works are: Ovid, Epistulae heroides (1494), the first edition of the work of Homer (1488), "Aristophanus", "Comoediae" (1498), Aristotle, "Opera Graecae" (1495 - 1498). It includes an impressive collection of bibles (about 660 editions printed in 30 languages and dialects), the archive of the Roman-Catholic Clergy of Cluj-Mănăștur, bishops' letters, coins (ancient and mediaeval specimens, banknotes, medals), an ex-libris collection, as well as seals (pieces from the 18th - 19th centuries), ores, mollusks, scientific tools, clocks, religious art items, fabrics, pictures (portraits of some religious and princely personalities from mediaeval Transylvania), as well as a few prehistorical and ancient items.
    The museum owns goods listed in the National Cultural Heritage Treasure.
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  • Str. Gabriel Bethlen nr. 1
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  • Ileana Dârja
  • Elena Târziman
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Historical monuments nearby

Photos Name Address Dating
Former convent of Trinitarians presently Batthyaneum documentary Library ALBA IULIA, 1-3 Bethlen Gabriel Street 1715-1736, 1780
The Roman Catholic Cathedral "Sf. Mihail" ALBA IULIA, 19 Mihai Viteazu Street XIII-XVI Centuries


ARA PENSIUNE TURISTICĂ 3 STELE, 9 rooms, 18 beds. Address: Str. Dragasani, Nr. 15D; Micesti, comună Alba Iulia; Alba. Telephone: 0258-817.058
CASA TRAIANA PENSIUNE TURISTICĂ 3 STELE, 14 rooms, 28 beds. Address: Str. Ariesului, Nr. 49A, municipiu Alba Iulia. Telephone: 0258-813.342
CETATE HOTEL 2 STELE, 99 rooms, 191 beds. Address: Str. Unirii, Nr. 3, municipiu Alba Iulia. Telephone: 0258-811.780. Fax: 0258-831.501
EL PASO PENSIUNE TURISTICĂ 2 STELE, 4 rooms, 8 beds. Address: Str. Regimentului 5 Vanatori, Nr. 2, municipiu Alba Iulia
ELISABETA VILA 3 STELE, 25 rooms, 44 beds. Address: Calea Motilor, Nr. 158, municipiu Alba Iulia. Telephone: 0258-839.117
FLAMINGO PENSIUNE TURISTICĂ 1 STEA, 5 rooms, 12 beds. Address: Str. Mihai Viteazu, Nr. 6, municipiu Alba Iulia. Telephone: 0258-816.354
HANUL CU BERZE MOTEL 3 STELE, 23 rooms, 43 beds. Address: Str. Regimentului Vanatori, Nr. 83-85, municipiu Alba Iulia
HANUL DINTRE SALCII MOTEL 1 STEA, 7 rooms, 16 beds. Address: Dn 1, Partos, municipiu Alba Iulia. Telephone: 0258-812.137
HERMES HOTEL 2 STELE, 19 rooms, 46 beds. Address: Str. Toporasilor, Nr. 20, municipiu Alba Iulia. Telephone: 0298-835.008. Fax: 0298-835.008
KONTI MOTEL 2 STELE, 13 rooms, 26 beds. Address: Soseaua De Centura, Nr. 48, municipiu Alba Iulia
LA DUTU PENSIUNE TURISTICĂ 3 STELE, 8 rooms, 13 beds. Address: Str. Calea Motilor, Nr. 160, municipiu Alba Iulia
MA PENSIUNE TURISTICĂ 3 STELE, 17 rooms, 34 beds. Address: Str. Ariesului, Nr. 51, municipiu Alba Iulia. Telephone: 0258-831.502. Fax: 0258-831.502
MARYLOU PENSIUNE TURISTICĂ 4 STELE, 8 rooms, 16 beds. Address: Str. Lalelelor, Nr. 18, municipiu Alba Iulia. Telephone: 0358-083.450. Fax: 0358-083.451
MIHAELA PENSIUNE TURISTICĂ 2 STELE, 3 rooms, 7 beds. Address: Str. Iederei, Nr. 39, municipiu Alba Iulia. Telephone: 0258-834.716; 0722-580.107
NEPTUN PENSIUNE TURISTICĂ 3 STELE, 12 rooms, 24 beds. Address: Str. Iasilor, Nr. 97, municipiu Alba Iulia
PARC HOTEL 4 STELE, 72 rooms, 144 beds. Address: Str. Primaverii, Nr. 4, municipiu Alba Iulia. Telephone: 0258-811.723. Fax: 0258-812.130
PRECIOSA PENSIUNE TURISTICĂ 4 STELE, 6 rooms, 12 beds. Address: Str. Lucian Blaga, Nr. 10, municipiu Alba Iulia. Telephone: 0258-814.033. Fax: 0258-814.034
TARA HOTEL 2 STELE, 42 rooms, 73 beds. Address: Str. Clujului, Nr. 25, municipiu Alba Iulia. Telephone: 0258-814.003. Fax: 0258-810.601
TERRA PENSIUNE TURISTICĂ 3 STELE, 10 rooms, 20 beds. Address: Bd. Republicii, Nr. 5B, municipiu Alba Iulia

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