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  • "Ștefan Jäger" Memorial Exhibition - JIMBOLIA
  • Timiș
  • It was built on the place of the former "Memorial House" dedicated to the painter, with the support of the German land of Bavaria. The building includes: an ethnography department, an archaeology department, a room dedicated to Jimbolia personalities, a meeting hall, a traditional Swabish room and an exhibition space. The painter's workshop has remained unchanged and comprises, besides personal belongings of the painter, eleven oil works, water colours and sketches. The modern conditions offered by the museum make it a favourite place for various exhibitions, book launches, workshops etc.
  • Monday to Wednesday 14:00 - 19:00; Thursday 17:00 - 19:00; Friday: 14:00 - 17:00; Sunday closed
  • Str. T. Vladimirescu nr. 102
  • 0256/360.770; 0256/360.764
  • Maria Schulz
  • Dan Leopold Ciobotaru
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Saxon home JIMBOLIA, 4 Diel Street end of XVIII Century - early XIX Century


SANTA MARIA HOTEL 3 STELE, 19 rooms, 38 beds. Address: STR. REPUBLICII, NR. 37, oraș JIMBOLIA; Timiș. Telephone: 0256-360.731. Fax: 0256-360.731

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