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  • "Petõfi Sándor" Memorial House - ALBEȘTI
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  • The building is erected between 1897 - 1898, by countess Haller Luise, in rustical style. She had donated the plot, which includes the biggest commune cemetery lasting from the fight of 31th of July 1849. The Memorial House contains an exhibition in the memory of the great poet Pefõfi Sándor. There are documents, manuscripts, pictures from the author's live and from the Revolution of 1848 - 1849, a model of the fight from the 31th July 1849, a literary study in Romanian and Hungarian languages. In the garden and the park there are monuments and statues. The house includes three exhibition rooms: the first room contains documents about the period, the second room contains documents about Petöfi Sándor's life and the third room contains a model of the fight from Albești on the 31st of July 1849, documents, pictures, manuscripts. The park dates from the same period. The monument is erected by Bossini brothers, known architects from Italy. On the top of the monument is placed an eagle with a sword. The statue is created by the sculptor Köllõ Miklós. The monument is a Hungarian national symbol for the fight for liberty. During the last decades the Memorial House and the park was maintained by the families which have lived there. Since 1950 the Petöfi Sándor Memorial Museum belongs to the History Museum Sighișoara. Today the museum belongs to Albești Local Council. The museum cooperates with Petöfi Sándor Cultural Association from Albești. Each year in the last Sunday of July the "Petöfi Celebration" takes place - commemoration of the fight of 1849 and the death of Petöfi Sándor.
  • 9:00 - 15:30; Monday: closed
  • Str. Muzeului nr. 97
  • 800 m from E 60; train; - local buss - Sighișoara - Albești
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