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  • "Arany Janos" Memorial Museum - SALONTA
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  • The museum is located in a mediaeval tower with a ground floor and four storeys, 22 m high. The Ciunt Tower, a historic monument, built between 1606 and 1630, functioned as a watch tower. It is the only construction that has lasted to this day from the entire complex of Salonta fortress. In 1889 it was restored on the initiative and due to the financial contribution of the poet’s son, Arany Laszlo, who donated also the original manuscripts, a part of the library and the furniture in his father’s study. Worth mentioning are also the restorations from 1899 and 1972. On the ground floor the exhibits include documents on the history of the city, including the bilingual work, in Hungarian and Latin, "Diavium Oppidi" (1714), weapons from the 17th century and the seal of the city. On the first floor one can find a few documents on the cultural development of Transylvania and the portraits of some forerunners of Oradea literary movement, including: Iosif Vulcan, Alexandru Roman, and the Transylvanian School representatives. On the second, third and fourth floors the exhibits illustrate the life and activity of the poet Arany Janos (1817 - 1882), Romanian folklore collections from the Salonta region, gathered by the poet Arany Janos, the founder of the collection; the poet’s library, his correspondence with Charles Darwin (129 original letters), the furniture in the poet’s study from 1867 - 1882, the poet’s portrait from 1856, an oil painting by Barabas Miklos.
  • Tuesday - Sunday: 10:00 - 16:00; Monday closed
  • Piața Libertății nr. 4
  • 0259/371.157
  • Darvasi Zoltan
  • Aurel Chiriac
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SLAVIA VILA 4 STELE, 12 rooms, 24 beds. Address: STR 1 DECEMBRIE, NR 7, municipiu SALONTA. Telephone: 0359-445.222

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