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  • This is a family collection set up in 2 rooms on the ground floor of a private residence. It is an incipient collection that will be extended. In the first room we find work tools and objects used by the owner’s parents and grandparents; mineral resources specific to the region’s deposits are also shown, such as: iron ore, salt, coal (wood). In the second room a collection of documents (legal documents, transmittal sheets) can be viewed and studied, as well as books reflecting local history of the XIXth century. The museum collection holds an assortment of 140 photos (size 13x21 cm) depicting various moments from the township’s or family’s history (landscapes, cultural and artistic events, objects).
    Other objectives in the region: the museum collection of the City Hall (contact person: Mihály János), in addition to this, in all the villages situated along the Homorodul Mic river area, village or school museum collections can be found.
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EXTREME HUNTING PENSIUNE TURISTICĂ 3 FLORI, 4 rooms, 7 beds. Address: NR. 1535, comună LUETA; Harghita. Telephone: 0359-444.616

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