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  • Museum of the "Dor" Aromanian Folk Ensemble - SARICHIOL DE DEAL
  • Tulcea
  • The museum collection is housed by the school and, during the International Sheepherding Festival (March, April and May), it is exhibited in the Sarighiol de Deal Cultural Center.
    The collection started forming in 1978, but was released to the public in 2003 at the first International Sheepherding Festival. The concerns of the founder of the folk ensemble and museum collection, Mr. Caimacan, referred to preserving old Aromanian traditions, either in the form of intangible cultural heritage (songs, dances, dating customs, engagement, Aromanian wedding, carols, Easter customs, shepherding) or that of museum pieces. The exhibition contains wooden objects - some authentic, some restored - used by Aromanian men and women in everyday life, fabrics, Aromanian folk costumes, pottery, musical instruments, miniature sheepfolds, objects and things used by Aromanian shepherds, leaflets, photographs, books, paintings, etc.
    Other cultural sites in the area: The “Dor” Folk Ensemble Cultural Center, the monument to the heroes of both world wars, the troika dedicated to the heroes, the church and old school built in 1900 – now restored.
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  • Caimacan Popescu Dumitru
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