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  • Szekler National Museum - SFÂNTU GHEORGHE
  • SFÂNTUL GHEOGHE, 7 Libertăţii Square
  • 1820-1821
  • CV-II-m-A-13109
  • Built between 1820-1821, the building was originally destined to Szekely border Regiment of cavalry. It remained in the regiment’s use untill it was disolved, in te summer 1849. During this time, it was used by cavalry regiment Centre and Court Martial. After the 1848 revolution, the building was used by the Regional court house and the land registry of Trei Scaune county. In 1854, the building hosted the death sentenced chamber, where Varady Iosif and Bartalis Ferencz, heads of the secret organisation in Trei Scaune were kept (until executed). This organisation conspired the start of a new revolution against the Habsburg reign. Since the mid-twentieth century until 2003, the State Archives county department has functioned. The building is composed of 3 levels: basement, ground and first floors, except for two rooms upstairs, the rest cabin roofed. The framework of the roof is made of carved wood items and tiles shaped like scales. The walls on 3 levels are massive, in order to bear the simple vaulted weight.
  • Arhiva INP, fișa