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  • The Swabian Museum of Petreşti
  • PETREȘTI, 67 Pişcolţului Street
  • 1786-1878
  • SM-II-m-B-05344
  • The medieval church was dedicated to St Peter, the village be ingmentioned in a docuemnt from thezear 1399. The community was calvinist, but amongthem Sandor Karolyi colonized with cathloc Schwabs in 1738. ten year slater Ferebc Karolyi banned the calvinists from uisngthechurc. The new churchwas made after Joseph Bithausser s plan in 1786. The earthquake of 1834 greatly damaged the deifice the tower collapsed over the nave, only the sanctuary remainde standing. After a fire, in 1870, the church needed renovation again. The outer decorations of the present building are simple, the only proeminent element beiing the cornice around the nave. The roofis short in comparison with the size of the nave. The columns in Dorycstyleof thetower are decorated with proeminent cornices. The clocks are set abosvethe windows. The steeple of the toawerisonion bulb shaped, san has a lantern. The altar paintingwas made by Orlay Petrich Soman in 1876.
  • Arhitectura ecleziastică din Satu Mare, Szocs Peter Levente et allii, 2007, p. 90+91
    Petreşti, The Roman Catholic Church of St. Elisabeth