Historical monuments nearby

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  • Museum of the Romanian Democratic Union of Turkish-Muslim Tartars - CONSTANȚA
  • CONSTANŢA, the Black Sea Cliff, SV of Carol Hotel
  • 1904-1909
  • CT-II-m-A-02801
  • The French society of Grand Establishments, represented by Marais brothers, has been for 10 years a concession holder of the Casino. The building started with state support, following blue prints by Arch. Petre Antonescu; after the foundations have been laid, arch Renard took over. The latter modified Casino’s structure, and was later reimbursed by the state. Between 1880 and 1902, a wooden construction was erected, named the CASINA. « Complete » shows - performing arts, balls –
    In 1904 began the building of a new and stronger building, holding the same destination. Between 1909 and 1944 it was a gambling place - except for the period where World War I unfolded, when it was turned into a hospital for people wounded in Dobrogea. However it was bombed by Germans in 1916. Foundation is made of stone, brick masonry, steel beams floors, mosaic and parquet floors are finishings. Doors and windows’ joinery are wood and metal.
  • Col. Ionescu-Dobrogeanu, Tomis-Constanţa, 1928.
    Constanţa şi Teghirghiolul, ghid ilustrat, 1924.
    Constanţa şi împrejurimile ei, ed. Ştiinţifică, 1960.